Defending Rural Arizona

Dedicated to preserving our border and protecting our liberties.


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Defending Rural Arizona is dedicated to securing our border and preventing federal laws, rules, and regulations which encroach upon the liberty and freedom of Arizona citizens.




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What We Fight For


Protecting Our Borders

Here in Arizona, we have a firsthand view of the porousness of America’s borders. Every day, people attempt to enter our nation illegally, and this is a serious threat to our national security. Defending Rural Arizona will support leaders who are committed to the cause of border security.

Defending Our Constitutional Rights

The federal government has steadily been eroding our fundamental rights via the adoption of policies and executive orders that directly contravene the Constitution. Defending Rural Arizona is opposed to any attempt to usurp the Constitution and will vigorously oppose those who refuse to uphold Constitutional principles.

Promoting National Security

Under the Obama administration, our national security has suffered. Liberals’ failed foreign policy has made our nation appear weaker, and their policies of appeasement of our enemies and milquetoast responses to international threats have only emboldened those who wish to do us harm. Defending Rural Arizona will support leaders who show a clear understanding of foreign policy and have the conviction and fortitude to defend our nation’s security.

Restoring Our Economy

The answer to job creation is to get government out of the way and allow the free market to work. Unfortunately, liberals have instead focused on expanding social welfare programs that create dependency rather than fostering independence and economic productivity. Defending Rural Arizona will support leaders who are committed to getting our nation’s economy back on the right track via free market policies and pro-growth economic strategy.

Ending Federal Overreach

The federal government often seems to forget that the 10th Amendment says that all rights not specifically given to the national government are reserved for the states or for the people of our nation. For too long, the federal government has been infringing upon the rights we hold dear, steadily increasing their power over our daily lives and absorbing more and more Arizona land under federal ownership. Defending Rural Arizona supports leaders who will fight against federal overreach.


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